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Single Shot Sizing Formulations :
"SWISPOL" - Size Ultimate SFR – 30 S to 100 S – Low Add On
"SWISPOL" - Size Ultimate DEN – 4 S to 30 S – Normal Add On
"SWISPOL" - Size Ultimate TT – For Terry Towel Yarn – Low Add On
"SWISPOL" - Size Ultimate JD Super– For PC Yarn
"SWISPOL" - Size Ultimate JD Super - XT for Viscose, PV and Polyester Spun Yarn
Single Shot Super Sizing Formulation.
SWISS Formulations - Single Shot Super Sizing Formulation for Yarn Sizing, Cotton Sizing, Denim Sizing

Single shot sizing formulation is processed from maize starch compound free from PCP, Urea and Formaldehyde.

The product consists of modified starch which is further modified under critical process condition and blended with special swiss formulated polymer which makes the “SWISPOL” formula – I. This product has wide applications for textile processing, paper processing, cotton sizing, yarn sizing, denim sizing, paper sizing.

It is the only and unique formula introduced for the first time in India replaces the most known and unknown product available in the market today.

We would be happy to discuss the details of the product which does not only give better sizing but simultaneously reduces the sizing and desizing cost also which is a prime factor now a days.

Better desizing leads to best absorbancy and in turn gives better colour value in dyeing and printing which reduces colour consumption also.


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